Tell Lawmakers to Raise NC Teacher Salaries to the National Average

North Carolina now ranks 48th in the nation in teacher pay and has fallen significantly behind our neighboring states. Our teachers are being forced to hold down second and even third jobs just to survive. Many are leaving the profession entirely while others are moving to other states. We must stop the exodus of teachers from NC classrooms. Send your state reps an email today and tell them to raise NC teacher salaries to the national average — and to do it quickly. TAKE ACTION

Tell Lawmakers to Pass the House Bill Regulating Commercial Dog Breeders

A recent profanity-laced audio recording of a state senator’s attack on a pending puppy mill bill is threatening its passage. State Senate leaders have said they plan to kill legislation that would regulate commercial dog breeders in North Carolina following negative publicity over state Senator Bill Rabon’s outburst. Sign our petition and tell lawmakers to drop the excuses. Pass House Bill 930 during this coming legislative session. TAKE ACTION

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If We Don’t Win At Education, We Won’t Win At Anything

Gov. McCrory has talked a lot about NC’s need to compete with neighboring states when it comes to our tax code and business climate. But what about public education? NC was once nationally recognized for education excellence. Our investments in education gave us a competitive edge in new industries and grew our economy. Now, we’re 48th in the nation in education funding. Email Gov. McCory and tell him: it’s time to make NC’s educational system competitive again. TAKE ACTION

Hold Lawmakers Accountable for Blocking Medicaid Expansion

Last year, right-wing lawmakers in North Carolina turned down $20 billion in federal dollars that would have provided coverage to over 500,000 uninsured North Carolinians, boosted our state’s economy, and created jobs. Now comes evidence that this refusal cost NC employers millions of dollars and led to higher healthcare rates for everyone. Stop our elected leaders from putting their partisan political agenda over the health and well-being of North Carolinians. TAKE ACTION

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Explore the Link Between Campaign Donations and Cabinet Posts

Many of Pat McCrory’s new Cabinet appointees are campaign contributors and heavy-duty fundraisers. Learn how much money that individual appointees and their families gave to McCrory’s election campaign and related political action committees by downloading our exclusive report, “Price of Power: Cost of a McCrory Cabinet Post.” DOWNLOAD REPORT

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Are You Happy With What They Did?

In 2012, far right lawmakers seized control of our state and rammed through new laws that threatened decades of progress. They gutted our voting rights, weakened environmental regulations that protect our health, dismantled consumer protections, attacked our public schools, turned down Medicaid expansion, raised taxes on 80% of us, kicked thousands of hardworking people off Unemployment Insurance and exposed NC to national embarrassment with other extremist laws. Are you happy with what they did?  TELL THEM

Share Your Education Story

We are seeking personal stories from teachers, NC residents and families about the ways in which the extreme anti-public schools agenda of the NC legislature has affected their lives. This session, the legislature cut per-pupil spending yet again, took away teacher incentives for excellence, diverted public money into private schools without oversight, kicked thousands of at-risk kids out of vital Pre-K programs and more. How have these changes affected your family or someone you know? TELL US

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Join Our Awake the State Campaign

It is vital that every citizen of NC understand that lawmakers in Raleigh sent North Carolina off in a very different direction this year — one that destroys many of our fundamental rights and threatens our state’s future. Help us hold them accountable for what they have done. Let us provide you with  information on what happened in Raleigh this year in easy-to-understand and even entertaining ways. All you have to do is share it in your local community. SIGN UP

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