Right now in North Carolina there is an environmental and public health crisis impacting hundreds of residents who have received do not drink orders on their wells. Toxic chemicals from nearby coal ash pits have contaminated their water. Here are just a few of their stories:

Watch Deb's story



Watch Amy's story



All across North Carolina, public school teachers are struggling after receiving virtually no raise for years. That's fueling an teacher exodus, as our best and most experienced teachers have left North Carolina public schools to teach in other states. Here are a few stories of real teachers in North Carolina schools. Some have given up teaching as a career, some have moved to other states with higher teacher salaries and some continue to teach in NC, but all are frustrated with the pay and respect teachers get in our state.

Meet Denise, a teacher from Chatham County who moonlights at Macy's to make ends meet




Meet Katie and Dan, two former special education teachers from Buncombe County who left the state for better pay.




Meet Catherine Stennette, a former North Carolina teacher who left the state for better pay in Houston, Texas. 



Meet Callie Hammond, a veteran North Carolina teacher and single mom who is forced to buy school supplies for her students with her own money. 



Meet Kim Rathburn, a former North Carolina teacher who left the state for better pay in South Carolina. 



Meet Kirstie Fischer, who was already packed and ready to move after teaching in North Carolina for years without a raise. 


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