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Lawmakers keep dismantling North Carolinians’ rights. It’s time to stand up for what we believe in -- respectful and affordable abortion access for everyone. Together, we will expand abortion rights in North Carolina.

Sign here to say you won’t back down when it comes to standing up for abortion rights in North Carolina.

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1970's and 1980's 

  • 1973: 20-week abortion ban is passed.
  • Doctors can refuse to perform abortions.

  • 1976: Hyde Amendment is passed.
  • 1977: Minors cannot consent to abortion.
  • 1981: No state funds can cover abortion care.

1990's and 2000's 

  • 1995: Minors must have parental consent for abortion.
  • 2006: State abortion fund is repealed.


  • 2011: 24 hour wait period bill is passed.
  • It's required to have an ultrasound before having an abortion.

    No state health insurance plans can cover abortion care.

  • 2013: No telemedicine.
  • $250,000 of state funds allocated to CPCs annually.

  • 2015: 72 hour wait period bill is passed.
  • Abortion providers cannot receive state funds.


You might have noticed that these stickers say “pro-abortion” instead of “pro-choice.” We know that might come as kind of a shock. But hear us out. Abortion is safe and legal. Access to abortion is integral to creating a fair and just society. Being pro-abortion doesn’t mean wanting every pregnancy to end in abortion. It means wanting abortion to be available to every single person who wants or needs it. You’re pro-abortion because you’re pro-equity. You’re pro-abortion because you’re pro-justice. You’re pro-abortion because you know we all win when we all have the same opportunities and access.


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