Support Medicaid Expansion

The NC House and Senate have introduced history-making bills that would close the Medicaid Gap and ensure that North Carolinians get to go to the doctor without going broke. Representatives from the Governor’s office have said the biggest priority of this legislative session is passing Medicaid Expansion. It’s time to add your voice to theirs in saying you believe in the right of every North Carolinian to access healthcare, no matter how much they make.

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Stand Against Trump's Anti-Abortion agenda

I wish we could say that everything is going to be OK, but Trump’s administration is on track to be the most anti-woman and anti-abortion in American history. If Trump follows through on his campaign promises, millions of women won’t be “OK.”

Add your name if you’re willing to stand against Donald Trump and his anti-abortion administration that is threatening to defund PP, restrict access to contraception and punish people who have abortions.

It’s not just Donald Trump either. Here’s a quick roundup of his anti-abortion cronies: 

Vice President Pence: Signed Indiana’s most restrictive abortion bill and has been outspoken about defunding Planned Parenthood.

HHS Secretary nominee Tom Price: Sponsored two fetal personhood bills, voted for a national 20-week abortion ban, and is opposed to free birth control. 

Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions: Has voted to make it more difficult for teens to get abortions, voted to ban military base abortions, and called Roe v. Wade one of the worst, colossally erroneous Supreme Court decision of all time.”

HUD Secretary nominee Ben Carson: Has referred to abortion as “murder.”

Chief of Staff Reince Priebus: Said that if you support abortion you can’t be a Republican.

Fight for women's rights

SIGN: Tell Congress to Protect Rape Victims on Campus

Congressman Meadows and his far-right colleagues are asking President-elect Trump to remove Department of Education rules that protect victims of rape on campus.

Meadows claims the incidence of campus rape is “greatly overstated” and that the current rules deny due process to the “often-innocent accused.” Both of those statements couldn’t be further from the truth. 

About 25% of women are raped during their college career, and 2/3rds of rape cases go unreported. Moreover, only 2% of rape claims are proven false.  Add your name to stand with victims against this outrageous attack. 

Stand with Victims

Tell Lawmakers to Raise NC Teacher Salaries to the National Average

North Carolina now ranks 48th in the nation in teacher pay and has fallen significantly behind our neighboring states. Our teachers are being forced to hold down second and even third jobs just to survive. Many are leaving the profession entirely while others are moving to other states. We must stop the exodus of teachers from NC classrooms. Send your state reps an email today and tell them to raise NC teacher salaries to the national average — and to do it quickly. ACTION COMPLETED. THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED.

If We Don’t Win At Education, We Won’t Win At Anything

Gov. McCrory has talked a lot about NC’s need to compete with neighboring states when it comes to our tax code and business climate. But what about public education? NC was once nationally recognized for education excellence. Our investments in education gave us a competitive edge in new industries and grew our economy. Now, we’re 48th in the nation in education funding. Email Gov. McCory and tell him: it’s time to make NC’s educational system competitive again. ACTION COMPLETED. THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED.

Share Your Education Story

We are seeking personal stories from teachers, NC residents and families about the ways in which the extreme anti-public schools agenda of the NC legislature has affected their lives. This session, the legislature cut per-pupil spending yet again, took away teacher incentives for excellence, diverted public money into private schools without oversight, kicked thousands of at-risk kids out of vital Pre-K programs and more. How have these changes affected your family or someone you know? ACTION COMPLETED. THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED.