Baseball Flash Mob Descends on NC State Capitol

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Strike Two: Gov. McCrory Still Refuses to Answer Education Petitioners

RALEIGH—Education petitioners, parents and students descended on the State Capitol grounds for a massive game of catch this morning. Participants were hoping Gov. McCrory would join them, now that we know tossing a baseball is one of his passions. Instead, McCrory continued to ignore those calling for smaller class sizes and opposing private school vouchers.

Of course, this all began on Monday when Gov. McCrory blew off advocates and children delivering 16,000 petitions to his State Capitol office. Gov. McCrory actually took time out of his busy schedule to play a game of catch instead of meeting with folks who he disagreed with.

Gov. McCrory’s spokesperson tried to deny the insult saying, “Taking the advice of First Lady Michelle Obama, the governor each day attempts to get some exercise, yesterday throwing the baseball and today walking from NC State’s campus back to the Capitol. Governor McCrory will be back out tomorrow throwing the baseball perhaps with children who share his All-American passion.”

Flash-mobbers today called his bluff and invited him to join in a game of catch.

“With gloves in hand and balls in the air, Gov. McCrory couldn’t ignore the spectacle outside his office window,” said Gerrick Brenner of Progress NC. “McCrory’s bush-league stunt didn’t go over well with those that care about public education in North Carolina.”

“McCrory has had two chances to talk about class size, school vouchers, firing TAs and a whole slew of education cuts. If he continues to ignore our calls that will be strike three.”

After the event, petitioners left Gov. McCrory a handful of baseballs with special education messages. See the attached photos.


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