Fox 46: City considering changes at abortion clinic targeted by protests

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Protests at A Preferred Women's Health Center in Charlotte have been going on for years, especially on weekends. Just two weeks ago, on a Saturday, hundreds of protesters from local churches gathered outside of the clinic screaming and praying and harassing every single person that visited the clinic. In lieu of this, the Charlotte City Council is now considering putting up "No Parking" signs on Latrobe Drive to prevent these terrible protest from happening. They hope that these parking signs will lead to changes that create a stigma-free environment for women seeking abortion care in Charlotte.

From Fox 46:

Protests at this abortion clinic on Latrobe Drive have been happening for years. City leaders are considering installing no parking signs outside the clinic after continued complaints.

Pro-life supporters started and ended Monday’s Charlotte City Council meeting with a prayer.

There was nothing on the agenda suggesting changes on Latrobe Drive, but that didn’t stop those from both sides of the issue from speaking.

“Come to Latrobe Drive, particularly on a Saturday and see what it’s like. Drive down the street and imagine you are trying to get to a doctor’s appointment and the circus you have to go through,” said an employee at the clinic.

But those who protest outside offered a different version of the events taking place.

 “We are never hostile down there. We are just walking in love, praying, worshipping, doing those things within the confines of the law that are ok to do,” said Dr. Gabriel Rogers, Pastor at the Kingdom Christian Chruch.

Employees at the clinic say at times hundreds of people may be on the sidewalk outside. The City of Charlotte has received several complaints, mostly about safety.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts says a committee will consider in October if changes need to be made, including installing no parking signs in front of the clinic.


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    This is ridiculous waste of taxpayer money. Last March, Mayor Roberts asked a safety committee to study Latrobe and the events taking place there and everything was found to be lawful and safe. What has changed in six months to warrant yet another study? Nothing. These folks are on a witch hunt. No one is harassing women. Their own consciences condemn them if they feel shamed about abortion. No one can make you feel guilty for something that is right and good. Folks are out there daily ministering and helping women and their families with free goods and services that don't cost the taxpayer a dime. They should be thanked, not criticized. Thousands of children are alive today because of their efforts.
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    Re:Sheryl's comment. The city DID NOT find the environment lawful and safe. They specifically said the behavior it's the protesters created an unsafe environment. The city was supposed to target the behavior, but since the protesters refuse to act in accordance to ordinance (and CMPD won't enforce ordinance) the city is revisiting the parking issue. The RVs and cars contribute to the overall dangerousness of the environment because protesters rushing into the road to stop patient cars are difficult to see. Someone is going to get hurt if the city doesn't act!
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    Re Sheryl and LeeLa. The city absolutely dis have a safety concern as did CMPD. But then "prolifers" threatened a lawsuit because walking infringes on their first amendment right. Step up Charlotte and support these women, not out of town harassers.
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    Parking around the clinic has been reviewed twice by CDOT in recent years. Restrictions in parking won’t stop churches from praying nor silence the speaker if a sound permit is granted. Let’s be clear Jennifer Roberts really wants s buffet around the clinic to restrict all access except for clients and staff.
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    WE the people have inherent inalienable rights, as OUR Founders established. Conscience is the most important. The protestors are interfering in the application of conscience. They are causing clients and workers to feel unsafe in their persons. While protestors have the right to protest, they have no right to cause harm. Abortion was legal under common law until about 1875. Roe created no new rights whatsoever. If your not God and your uterus is not involved abortion is none of your business. I told that to flip benham, Ft. Wayne, In, years ago.
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    The pro-lifer in the article claims they don't harrass women and that is completely false. I have witnessed their harrassment first-hand, and I've experienced it directed at me personally. In what other scenario do patients get harrassed going to their appointment? In what other situation is it ok to try to intimidate medical professionals going to their workplace?
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    Personal opinion and religious belief should not be allowed to override a patient's right to safety and freedom from harassment at A Preferred Women's Healthcare Clinic. This is not a public park. This is a private medical facility. The patients seeking abortion services should not have to run a gauntlet of shame, shouting, graphic images, and judgement to get to their appointments. ProLife protesters are not there for services. Why should they dictate how the clinic is being run? They don't have appointments and are not companions to those that do. No Parking signs would keep the giant RVs, 5 large speakers, microphone and tent full of people (including their very young children) from harming others with unwanted harassment in the immediate area. That's the least that can be done.
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    I find it laughable how the protesters continue to say they " don't harass patients". What BS. Flagging down cars , lying to women, begging on amplified sound " don't kill your baby" is harassment plain and simple. Gathering hundreds of people to stand in front of a women's clinic is an intimidation tactic. The reason the protesters are out there is for their own selfish reasons, to make themselves feel good. They don't care about the women going to the clinic. If they truly want a world with less abortion then they should make sure every school is offering comprehensive sex Ed and that every woman and family has access to FREE birth control. But they would never do that because most of them don't even believe in birth control. Charlotte should put no parking signs up as well as stop issuing sound permits and parade permits. Doing this does not infringe on free speech.
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    All I know is if this was BLM or some non-religious protesters, they would've had them outta there a long time ago. Like everything else, free speech has *terms and conditions*.
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