Gov. McCrory admits the budget he signed is only "chicken feed" for teachers

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It seems like Governor McCrory has finally realized how inadequate the budget he proudly signed is. Despite touting his supposed love for teachers, Gov. McCrory has now admitted that the $750 one-time bonus for teachers that was in the budget was only "chicken feed." We've been saying the same thing, so we hope Governor McCrory will now get serious about raising teacher pay to the national average. 

See his comments from the NC Spin episode:


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    John Winthrop
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    How can you be a tax deductible organization when you have a political agenda? You have hijacked the term "progressive" to fool people. You are wrong about HB2. I support Gov. McCrory and the state legislature for standing up against the LGBTQ activists to maintain the values that brought me to NC.
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    Robert Most
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    I too agree with Pat Mccrore as well as Jon's comment above. This isn't progressive, this is liberal propaganda. Our country has much bigger issues that the govenment should be focusing it's attention on, rather than this nonsense. You've wasted your money on the advertisement I just had to endure regarding this. HB2 protects mine and my families' civil rights. If you don't like it, move...
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