House budget leaves teachers and students treading water

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Despite a so-called $400M surplus, House budget does very little to repair the damage of past cuts to public education

Progress North Carolina released the following statement in reaction to a state budget which passed the NC House of Representatives on Friday:

“This budget continues to prioritize tax cuts for corporations and those at the top over meaningful repairs to our public schools which have been hurt by years of budget cuts. A 2% pay raise for teachers is a band-aid to a teacher crisis which sees teachers continue to leave North Carolina for better paying jobs in other states. This budget is not a serious attempt to raise teacher pay to the national average, which is a goal that voters strongly support.

“This budget does not fully fund textbooks in the wake of parents complaining there are not enough textbooks for students to take home for homework. And this budget does nothing to bring back the 7,000 teaching assistants who have been cut from North Carolina classrooms since the start of the Great Recession. North Carolina now lags South Carolina in what it spends to educate each student, and this budget suggests that most politicians in Raleigh seem to accept that. If there is a $400M surplus, this budget is a meager attempt to repair the damage from years of cuts to the classroom.”

- Gerrick Brenner, Exec. Director, Progress North Carolina


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