Increasing Shortage of Teachers in NC is Cause for Concern

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State Superintendent June Atkinson has expressed concern over the growing decline in university students seeking employment in an education position. We already know how to fix this problem: improve teacher pay and provide more support to educators. 

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She says over the last five years there’s been a thirty percent drop in the amount of university students in North Carolina seeking a career in education. 

Atkinson says low teacher salaries are partly to blame, but recruitment and retention need to be top priorities.

"It is important that we have an effective teacher in every classroom in this state.  Our state cannot afford to have just substitutes and people in the classroom who are not prepared,” said Atkinson.


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    Well let's see, 1st, the state lied about getting money for growth and AYP for EOG scores and our school met both so that went bye bye. I will never work longer hours just to stay after school tutoring again.. 2nd, NC stole tenure away from us. 3rd, NC stole pay raise for Masters degree, 4th, NC promised and WAS paying Longevity pay but stole that from us. 5th, NC allows principals to not let us have Planning period we have PLC meetings and I am a Resource teacher and get NO Planning time, I have to do planning AFTER school. On paper, it shows I get a half hour for planning AND lunch so I have to use 30minutes to eat and plan at the same time? No, that's not going to happen. I refuse to have food in one hand and touch TE books and type on a computer at the same time so. that 30 minutes alotted is for using the bathroom, checking my box in lounge, and scarf down any food. You should send teachers surveys on if they Reeeaally have planning time. And by the way, I found on the internet that there is an actual code number that is a Rule/Law. that goes with suppose to have planning time. It might be on paper at our school that we having planning time, but in actuality, it's a LIE. Seattle Washington I found out pays for CEU credits. I called Human Resources there and found out that with all my CEU credits I have gotten for the past 15 years that I would get paid $75,000 a year, not the measly 40,000. So, good bye NC. Me and my family and friends are taking the Spring Break to pack up and put our belonings in a POD and put our house up for sell and are moving to Seattle. I will no longer work for a state that are liars and theives. You should have used the NC Education State Lottery to keep us. And by the way, stop using the word "Education" in the Lotto. Everybody knows the money is not used for that. WILL THE LAST TEACHER LEAVING NC PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN OFF THE LIGHTS?!!
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    I had 15 years in private school and the last 10 in public school. They took everything away from us . It's not about teaching anymore. Thank God the younger generation won't put up with what we did . I walked away and absolutely will not teach again . Why do you think we rank 47th because our system is good? Go to our bordering states to work and you want be that far to visit friends and family left in NC.
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