McCrory Lies Again in Education Speech this Morning

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CHAPEL HILL—In a speech to the NC Chamber this morning in Chapel Hill, Gov. Pat McCrory mislead the public once again about the education budget he signed into law.

McCrory said, “At $7.8 billion this is the largest K through 12 budget in North Carolina history…. Let me say that again. This is the largest K through 12 budget in North Carolina history.” See the video here beginning at the 6:50 mark.

That statement is simply false. 

In 07-08, North Carolina spent $7.91 billion on K-12 education and in 08-09 we spent $8.19 billion.

Furthermore, McCrory repeated another mistruth, that most teachers will receive a 1% bump in take-home pay after McCrory’s tax cut, but that has already been debunked by the media as well.

Finally, McCrory continues to say that public education was not cut. Again, that is misleading at best. Considering inflation and enrollment growth, the state budget does not fund schools at a level that will maintain the current level of services. That’s what matters to students in the classroom.

And certainly, McCrory’s insinuation that there are no cuts will be news to all the teaching assistants being laid off or having their pay cut.

“Gov. McCrory’s startling pattern of lies, deception and mistruths raises serious questions about his competency and his leadership,” said Gerrick Brenner of Progress NC. “If we can’t trust the Governor to tell us the truth, how can we trust him to run the state?”


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