McCrory’s small ideas budget is not what North Carolina needs right now

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RALEIGH—Progress North Carolina released the following statement today on Gov. McCrory’s proposed state budget:

“Gov. McCrory’s budget is full of marginal changes and small ideas. It does not take the bold actions North Carolina needs to create jobs and reduce our lingering unemployment problem. Nor does the budget fix the competitive imbalance North Carolina faces when it comes to education funding and teacher pay.

Instead of tackling the real and complex problems facing North Carolinians today, Gov. McCrory chose to reheat that pesky office closet fire and drive us back to the DMV…again.

If this is the best Gov. McCrory can do in a document meant to lay out his vision for state government, we all we be waiting a very long time for real, meaningful solutions on the economy, jobs and education.”

- Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress North Carolina


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