NC's Ag-Gag Bill Silences Industry Whistleblowers, Hides the Truth

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The truth about industry malpractice may never be known again in North Carolina thanks to Gov McCrory and politicians in Raleigh passing a law silencing whistleblowers and implementing fines for anyone who exposes disclosed workplace activity. The food industry in particular has had high profile cases of malpractice only brought to the surface by whistleblowers or undercover documentation, both of which are now illegal in NC. The law violates our freedom of speech and allows the illegal, inhumane, and unethical business activities in all industries to continue with no consequences.    

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Factory farm operators believe that the less Americans know about what goes on behind their closed doors, the better for the industry. That’s because the animals sent through those factories often endure an unimaginable amount of mistreatment and abuse.

None has gone as far as North Carolina, where a new law that took effect Jan. 1 aims to silence whistle-blowers not just at agricultural facilities, but at all workplaces in the state. That includes, among others, nursing homes, day care centers, and veterans’ facilities.

This is a clear violation of the constitutional freedoms of speech and the press, as a coalition of animal-welfare, consumer protection and good-government groups argued in a federal lawsuit filed in January.


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