Pat McCrory Throws Kids A Spit Ball

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Governor Ducks Out of Capitol Office for A Game of Catch To Avoid Facing Children Petitioning Their Government

RALEIGH—While students, parents and teachers delivered petitions to Gov. McCrory’s office on Monday afternoon, Governor’s Office staff said that McCrory was in a meeting and could not meet them. Young students were left holding stacks of petitions at the doors of the State Capitol. But what was Governor McCrory really doing at 4:30 PM? Playing catch with his Chief of Staff.

See the photographic evidence attached of Gov. McCrory with a baseball glove, playing catch with Chief of Staff Thomas Stith and a State Trooper. And see the attached video of staff claiming Gov. McCrory was in a meeting until 5 PM.

“McCrory’s staff told the children and their parents delivering petitions that Gov. McCrory was in a meeting until 5 pm. What he was really doing was avoiding those children, because he can’t defend his proposed cuts to teacher assistants and he won’t stand up to a state legislature hellbent on raising class size and spending taxpayer dollars on private school vouchers,” said Gerrick Brenner of Progress NC.

“Gov. McCrory’s cynical gesture sends the wrong signal to children just learning about constitutional rights and how our system of government works. It also continues the Republican Party’s dismissive attitude towards petitioners and protestors.”

“Gov. McCrory and the Republicans would be better served by practicing some humility and listening to the other side, rather than tossing insults and name-calling.”


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