Progress NC Calls on Gov. McCrory to Veto State Budget Without Teacher Pay Increase

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RALEIGH—Progress North Carolina today called on Gov. McCrory today to put some real weight behind his public statement yesterday calling for increases in teacher pay, by threatening to veto a state budget that doesn’t include a significant pay increase for North Carolina public school teachers.

In a statement released yesterday, Gov. McCrory called for an increase in teacher pay. North Carolina currently ranks 46th in teacher pay according to the National Education Association state rankings, behind every single one of our neighboring states. North Carolina pays its teachers approximately $10,000 less than the national average.

Gov. McCrory’s proposed budget called for a 1% increase in teacher salaries, but both House and Senate versions of the budget included no raises.

“Gov. McCrory can pretend to support teacher salary increases or he can provide real leadership,” said Gerrick Brenner of Progress NC.  “Gov. McCrory should publicly threaten to veto any state budget that does not include a significant increase in teacher pay,”

“It’s easy to talk about supporting our teachers, but it is another thing entirely to actually do something about. Now is the time for Gov. McCrory to show real leadership by standing up to the state legislature.”


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