Progress NC launches “Power Mad Power Grab” campaign

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Website, petition and statewide tour to educate electricity ratepayers on SB10

RALEIGH – Progress NC today launched a new website,, to educate the public on Gov. McCrory and the state legislature’s unprecedented power grab.  Firing all members of a number of powerful state boards and commissions and giving the Governor the power to appoint new members are a dangerous step that could prove harmful.  This power grab is particularly alarming to electricity ratepayers.

Among the boards and commissions affected by Senate Bill 10 is the NC Utilities Commission, which has the power to approve rate increases for Duke Energy. The McCrory-Duke connection is well chronicled and it is a clear conflict of interest.

“This sweeping, unprecedented power grab by a power mad group of state lawmakers and the Governor would place special interests above the interests of regular citizens and electricity ratepayers,” said Gerrick Brenner of Progress NC. “The biggest winner would be the state’s leading power company, a major campaign contributor and former McCrory employer, Duke Energy.”

Included in the website is a petition calling on Gov. McCrory to stand up and put an end to the power grab. After all, silence equals consent.

In addition to the website, Progress NC and partners will conduct a statewide tour to educate all ratepayers about Senate Bill 10 and its repercussions. The tour began in Greensboro last week and will continue to Asheville, Charlotte and Greenville this week.


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