Progress North Carolina Statement on VoterCat

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Statement by Progress North Carolina on Americans for Prosperity's Attempt to Register a Cat to Vote

RALEIGH - Progress North Carolina released the following statement in reaction to news reports that Americans for Prosperity has mailed erroneous voter registration information to hundreds of North Carolina residents, including one cat:

"Spreading bogus voter registration information just shows how ridiculous AFP really is in its claims of fighting voter fraud.  AFP is trying to make it harder for legal voters to vote one day, and trying to register cats to vote on the next. 

The North Carolina State Board of Elections should move quickly to determine how AFP decided to target specific voters with registration mail which was riddled with wrong information. This VoterCat scandal begs a question for the Koch Brothers. Was their right-wing political machine simply incompetent, or was this another attempt to discourage people from voting?"


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    Hagan&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;PURR!<br /> <br /> Koch Bros&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; HISS
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    My cats are a lot smarter than AFP.
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