Right-Wing Tea Party Controlled NCGA Poised to Reject Billions in Federal Dollars to Help the Unemployed & Uninsured

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Will Gov. McCrory Bow to Extremists and Go Along?

RALEIGH—Progress North Carolina today issued the following statement on today’s upcoming votes in the NC General Assembly.


“The NC House and Senate are prepared to vote today on leaving billions in federal dollars on the table while turning their backs on the unemployed and the uninsured. These actions constitute an irresponsible approach to governing. Instead of doing what’s best for North Carolina, state lawmakers appear driven by right-wing extremist ideology.

We can only hope that Gov. McCrory will come to his senses before it’s too late.

The irony lost among the Tea Party furor in Raleigh these days is that Republican lawmakers aren’t focused on the root of the problem—jobs. By saying ‘no’ to billions of dollars in federal money that could help our struggling economy, lawmakers are perpetuating the underlying problem.

To reduce the number of unemployed and uninsured North Carolinians we need to get the economy back on track, not treat the victims of the Great Recession with scorn.”

- Justin Guillory of Progress North Carolina


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