Senate Budget Breaks Promise of “Education” Lottery

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Senate Republicans Should Change Name to Fit New Mission

RALEIGH—In a little noticed policy change, the Senate budget eliminates the requirement that proceeds from the NC Education Lottery actually be spent on education. This flies in the face of the promise made to North Carolina voters years ago when the lottery was enacted. At the same time, the Senate Budget continues to call it the “North Carolina Education Lottery.”

The Senate Republican response: trust us. According to the AP, “[Senator Pete] Brunstetter says he doesn’t believe Republican colleagues are inclined to spend the money on non-education needs.”

“North Carolina voters can’t trust these politicians to do the right thing,” said Gerrick Brenner of Progress NC. “This action opens the door to spending lottery money on other items.  Lottery money is already being use to replace other education cuts. This is yet another move to cut more dollars out of public schools.”

“The Senate should be honest with North Carolina voters, parents, and students and take “Education” out of the lottery’s name.”


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