Senate wants to eliminate retirement health benefits for new state employees in 2016

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Lagging behind the national average in teacher pay and slashing thousands of teacher assistant position isn't enough for the NC Senate apparently. Their recently passed budget proposal includes eliminating retirement health benefits for state employees, including teachers, who start after January 1, 2016. Losing retirement benefits, a key factor to why some choose to forgo larger salaries working in the private sector, may make it hard for North Carolina to attract and retain workers.

From NC Policy Watch

So it’s especially challenging, she says, to recruit high quality employees in the border counties like Northampton because it’s so easy to go to a neighboring state and make more money.

“And we have a retention problem too,” said Smith-Ingram. “Teachers are leaving in exodus thanks to slow to no salary growth.”

“It appears there is an all out assault on state employees,” said Smith-Ingram. “Eliminating health retirement benefits just goes along with it.”


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