State Budget Leaves $500+ Million Hole in Education

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Leaves NC schools worse off than where we were last year

RALEIGH — Failing to listen to local superintendents who were quite clear with their displeasure with funding cuts and budget reversions, NC House and Senate leaders today announced a compromise budget which fails to fill our $750 million education funding gap. Lawmakers even went as far as to deny the gap even exists during their budget press conference.

“It’s very clear that the strategy of this right-wing legislature is to hide and deny cuts to our public schools,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director for Progress North Carolina. “When the cuts to our schools are undeniable, these state lawmakers will blame others for decisions which are a state responsibility. Education funding is clearly a state responsibility, and this legislature is once again failing our children and hurting our state’s future.”

Let’s do the math:

- For FY 2013, public schools faced a planned $503 million budget reversion and were losing $258 million in federal EduJobs funding.

$503M + $258M = $761M funding gap
- The budget announced today restores $251 million in funds.
$761M – $251M = $510M gap remaining


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