Thom Tillis Thumbs His Nose at 25,000 jobs

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RALEIGH — Thom Tillis yesterday questioned whether or not it was good for North Carolina to receive federal stimulus money from the 2009 Recovery Act. A WRAL reporter asked Tillis if it would have been better if stimulus funds had not been spent in North Carolina, and Tillis replied, “In many cases yes, we probably should have dealt with the problem at the time rather than kicking the can down the road.”

Well, Speaker Tillis, “kicking the can down the road” directly created or saved 25,000 jobs and many more indirect jobs and saw more than $16 billion invested in North Carolina.

“Maybe 25,000 jobs is pocket change for Speaker Tillis, but it’s a big deal for thousands of North Carolinians who would have been unemployed were it not for recovery dollars,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress North Carolina. “The economic recession crippled many North Carolina industries and put thousands out of work. Refusing stimulus funds would have thrown thousands more out of work and would have been grossly negligent and simply immoral.”

“Speaker Tillis’ callous statement is not the first time he’s felt totally fine with killing North Carolina jobs. In his state budget, Tillis cut thousands of teacher, teacher assistant and state employee jobs without batting an eye. He broke a promise to fully-fund every teacher and teacher asisstant position, and he has never admitted it.”


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