Tillis shoveling from the public till again: More taxpayer dough for cronies

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RALEIGH – It seems like a broken record, but once again Speaker Thom Tillis is in the news for spending taxpayer money on political cronies.This time WRAL reports that Tillis signed a contract with his former legal counsel, Jason Kay, to provide private legal services to the Speaker. Kay will be paid $14,500 a month for August and September and then will receive $5,000 every month starting in October.

It is unclear why the Speaker would need nearly $30,000 in legal services for two months when the General Assembly is not in session and most legislators are out campaigning. Tillis himself spent last week in Tampa at the GOP Convention. On Wedensday, Tillis was at a Tea Party rally in Charlotte.

“Speaker Tillis has shown zero regard for the taxpayers by spending lavishly on his political cronies,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress North Carolina. “He continues to contrive new ways to abuse the system.”

In 2011, Tillis was caught red-handed handing out fat raises to members of his staff, while many state employees were laid off and everyone else went four-years without a pay raise. Then in the spring of this year, Tillis gave severance packages to disgraced stafferswho resigned after revelations that they were having inappropriate romantic relationships with lobbyists. Those staffers could and should have been fired for cause and without severance. Tillis also authorized the installation of huge flat screen televisions in the House, which repeatedly broadcast the photo of one state lawmaker – himself.

Progress NC is also concerned that Tillis’ legal services contract is setting a dangerous precedent. Kay will be the Speaker’s legal counsel, while simultaneously able to work for clients that have interest in legislation that may come before the General Assembly.


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