Vote YES on Transit in Wake County this Year

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For Wake County voters this year, one of the last things on your ballot will be a referendum to approve a new transit plan. With the rapid growth the Triangle has seen over the last few years only projected to increase, we need to make critical investments before it's too late. 

We urge all Wake County voters to vote YES on the transit referendum. 

You can find out more information about the referendum at Moving Wake Forward.

New infrastructure can’t be built overnight, so we’ve got to get started today to meet tomorrow’s challenges. That’s why Wake County citizens have worked with government, private sector, and university leaders to develop the Wake County Transit Plan.

This November, voters will have the opportunity to vote to make public transportation a reality. Please vote for the referendum at the END of your ballot!

The 10-year Wake County Transit Plan will: 

  • Triple bus service in just the first few years, connecting every town in the county.
  • Build a frequent “Bus Rapid Transit” network in high-traffic areas that will incorporate dedicated bus lanes, level boarding platforms, and other enhanced features that improve the speed and quality of service.
  • • Create a new commuter rail line that will efficiently utilize preexisting tracks to provide a backbone of passenger train service across the county, enabling people to completely avoid daily road traffic congestion.

  • Expand the frequent network (every 15 minutes) from 17 miles to 83 miles. All service will be be expanded to 19 hours a day. 


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    We need a better transportation plan for Wake County. Please make that happen.
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