Wake Co. schools to open with TA jobs uncertain

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In midst of the state budget negotiations, 38 Wake County schools open for a new school year next Tuesday amid massive confusion with over 8,500 teacher assistant positions hanging in the balance. The next move has to be from our North Carolina state legislators. However, the divide between the House and Senate's plans for classrooms has led to what seems to be a never-ending question mark on education funding. 

From the News and Observer

School districts are waiting to see if North Carolina lawmakers will cease funding as many as 8,500 teacher assistant positions during the next two years. Wake school officials say principals at multi-track schools – which open seven weeks before most schools – weren’t put under a hiring freeze, but noted that the situation could change depending on the final state budget.

The House budget plan would maintain current funding levels for teacher assistants. But the Senate’s budget would cut teacher assistants and shift the money to pay for teachers to reduce class sizes in the lower grades. 

Senate Republicans have, over the years, pushed for reductions in teacher assistants and lower early-grade class sizes on the theory that their approach will improve student performance. The Senate plan would cut the equivalent of 5,300 teacher assistant salaries this year and an additional 3,200 next year. 


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