What you won’t hear Gov. McCrory talk about tonight

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RALEIGH – As Gov. McCrory prepares to deliver his State of the State address tonight, Progress NC makes a few educated guesses about what you won’t hear the Governor mention in his speech.

  • SB10, the infamous power grab bill, has been roundly criticized by outside observers while McCrory has been silent. Silence equals consent. But the revelation that McCrory owns at least $10,000 in Duke Energy stock is a new wrinkle. A recent report by WFAE clearly links rate hikes to stock prices. By appointing a Duke-friendly Utilities Commission, McCrory will have the power to directly impact his personal wealth.


  • All of this could be alleviated if Gov. McCrory would propose a robust ethics package, but don’t count on that either. He refused to deliver on his promise to produce an ethics plan during the campaign. Why start now?


  • The impact on the state economy of turning down billions in federal dollars for Medicaid and Unemployment Insurance. Gov. McCrory will surely tout his own version of a jobs agenda, but that won’t include the billions of dollars he’s turning his back on. North Carolina’s taxpayers have dutifully paid their federal taxes and will now say “goodbye” to the benefits.


  • Gov. McCrory will probably extoll the virtue of cutting taxes on the wealthy and big corporations, but he won’t say how that impacts the average taxpayer. Any plan to increase sales taxes and cut personal and corporate income tax rates will translate to hardworking taxpayers paying more in taxes overall, while the wealthy and big businesses will pay less.


  • Gov. McCrory won’t mention that our public schools have reached record graduation rates of 80% despite the fact that they are severely underfunded. Instead, he will say that our schools are broken. Years of cuts have left our school systems, especially those in low-income counties, starving for resources. Funding cuts jeopardize the success we have made.


  • Diana Lightfoot, McCrory’s first pick to head North Carolina’s Pre-K programs won’t be mentioned because she’s an embarrassment to the Governor who wants to “fix” state government. She had to resign after the revelation that she actually opposed early childhood education and had some nutty things to say on Twitter.

Otherwise, Progress NC looks forward to hearing from Gov. McCrory about his vision for North Carolina. During the gubernatorial campaign and through his first month in office, McCrory has been light on the specifics and policy details. Will we get some tonight?


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