For years, A Preferred Women’s Health Center of Charlotte has been the target of constant harassment, stalking, and intimidation by “protesters” that gather outside of this clinic on a weekly basis to prevent people from obtaining abortion care.

It’s intimidation, plain and simple. And it’s happening right here in the Queen City.

Charlotte’s extremist anti-abortion groups wave signs with graphic, fake images and misinformation about abortion, block access to the clinic driveway with buses, and force people to endure verbal harassment and physical intimidation as they walk toward the clinic.

Enough is Enough.

We Need To Protect Our City.

Charlotte deserves better — it’s time to make our city a place where abortion care is accessible and free from shame and stigma.

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    For far too long, Charlotte citizens have been forced to endure shame, harassment, and intimidation from “protesters” outside of a health center that provides abortions. These extremists attempt to discourage people from seeking abortion care by blocking the clinic entrance, spreading rampant misinformation, and harassing and intimidating people seeking care.

    Protect those who choose to seek out abortion care; they should never be met with crowds of extremists who shame, harass, and intimidate them.

    Stand up for Charlotte!

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