ACC Student-Athletes Team Up to Condemn HB2

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The NCAA has declared if North Carolina doesn't repeal HB2, we're going to lose all 133 bids to host NCAA events over the next six years. Six years is a long time to go without any NCAA events, and the ACC will likely follow suit meaning there will be no big sporting events in North Carolina… Read More

NC Could Lose 6 Years of NCAA Events Because of HB2

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The NCAA began evaluating cities for championship games in January and is said to have pulled all North Carolina cities from consideration because of HB2. This could mean 6 years without NCAA tournaments because the General Assembly continues to refuse to repeal HB2. And if the NCAA pulls ou… Read More

Op-Ed: North Carolina cannot afford to lose the ACA

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Ever since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, congressional Republicans have been waiting to repeal it. Despite promising to follow through with this plan for the past six years, Republicans have not come up with a replacement and have failed to prove how repealing the ACA will be b… Read More

Editorial: Time for an Independent Redistricting Commission

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The Supreme Court is reviewing NC's congressional districts because of racial gerrymandering. Justice Elena Kagan said Monday that redistricting based on politics is okay, but redistricting based on race is not. And the case will likely come down to the question: race or politics? The realit… Read More

Vote YES on Transit in Wake County this Year

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For Wake County voters this year, one of the last things on your ballot will be a referendum to approve a new transit plan. With the rapid growth the Triangle has seen over the last few years only projected to increase, we need to make critical investments before it's too late.  We urg… Read More