About Us

We are a team of communications and digital experts dedicated to building long-term transformative people power throughout North Carolina. We serve as a center for providing innovative research, data-driven messaging and communication strategies to local partners, organizations and coalitions in order to build a narrative of social solidarity and reshape what is possible by advocating for progressive policies, leaders, and civil servants ready to serve North Carolinians.

Our Vision

The North Carolina we envision consistently moves forward boldly and fearlessly, in upholding and enacting values that will make our state work for all of us. We want North Carolinians to feel ownership of their government, where their representatives respect the diversity and interests of those they were elected to serve.

We envision our state’s institutions and systems providing equitable solutions for individuals and families of North Carolina. Where our elected officials invest the time and resources necessary for every community to flourish and to actualize the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Media Contact


Po Box 41306,
Raleigh, NC 27629

Our team



Executive Director

I do this work because we deserve a world in which everyone can live life to the fullest. I am motivated by my family members who made immense sacrifices for our collective good.



Digital Director

I do this work becasuse my children deserve to live in a world that is safe and clean. My children deserve to live in a country whose government works for the good of everyone. My children deserve to live in a society that is free of the white supremacy and systemic racism that harms us all. That is why I do this work, for their future, for our future.



Communications Manager

I do this work for the generations of Black women who too often make a way out of no way. For the people who look like me who must overcome systematic barriers in order to get a seat at the table. I do this work because I understand how power and the lack of it shows up in our daily lives. And I am motivated to supply the necessary tools to those overlooked and underserved in order for all of us to live here freely, equally and unapologetically.



Graphic Designer 

I do this work because it is important for me to be active in changing the place I grew up in, so that it becomes a better place for my family, my community and for future generations, like others did before me so that I could have the opportunities I have today.



Communications Director

I believe in a North Carolina that is fair and equal for all. We have systems in place that prevent us from achieving this goal. I am motivated to do my part in erasing these outdated systems that violate our rights not only as residents of this country, but as human beings also.



Research & Advocacy Director

I do this work because I believe in a North Carolina that works for everyone. I believe that that all North Carolinians should have access to quality education, affordable healthcare, and good-paying jobs. I am committed to making our state a better place for all by removing barriers and building power in our communities.