A free-market agenda that threatens UNC system

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UNC system president Margaret Spellings recently hired Andrew Kelly of the American Enterprise Institute, as senior vice president for strategy and policy for UNC's system. The hiring of Mr. Kelly highlights a transition of the UNC systems approach to education policy, under the leadership o… Read More

Editorial: Never mind the politics; clean up coal ash

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Instead of working together to bring clean, safe water to hundreds of families, Gov. McCrory and politicians in Raleigh continue to fight to see who can give more away to Duke Energy. The Rocky Mount Telegram is out with a new editorial slamming the inaction on coal ash.  Rocky Mount T… Read More

NC Senate proposal could hurt water quality in Jordan Lake

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The state legislature has included a budget proposal that would have damaging consequences to the Jordan Lake area and the quality of North Carolina's water. The Senate has made an effort to pander to land developers, while stalling implementation of Jordan Lake's environment rules.  T… Read More

Increasing Shortage of Teachers in NC is Cause for Concern

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State Superintendent June Atkinson has expressed concern over the growing decline in university students seeking employment in an education position. We already know how to fix this problem: improve teacher pay and provide more support to educators.  Read more and watch the video from … Read More

Ag-Gag Law Takes Away North Carolinians Freedom of Speech

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 In America we're supposed to have freedom of speech, but in North Carolina, that doesn't seem to matter to politicians. With the passing of the "ag-gag" law, workers can be punished for speaking out on unethical and illegal workplace activities. Big companies, especially the meat packi… Read More

Planned Parenthood Cleared of Charges and Accusers Indicted

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To the surprise of no one actually paying attention, Planned Parenthood has been cleared of any wrong-doing in the aftermath of a falsified video released late last year and the video makers have been indicted by a Texas grand jury. The video was released to discredit Planned Parenthood but … Read More