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Where you can and can’t go under North Carolina’s ‘stay at home’ order

By Alanna Joyner / March 30, 2020

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has announced a stay-at-home order for the state of North Carolina that will go into effect at 5 p.m. today until April 29, but “can be revised or extended”. The mandate is an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic as it continues to spread through the state. Travel is only…

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North Carolina ranked among the bottom 10 states for Census response, researchers say

By Alanna Joyner / March 26, 2020

According to research by Carolina Demography, a research group affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill, in the first 12 days that the 2020 Census forms were made available, only 16.6 percent of North Carolina households filled theirs out. Compared to the national average of 19.2 percent, North Carolina currently is ranked 41st for its response rate —…

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Appalachian Voices: NC groups call for prohibition of all utility shut-offs in state due to covid-19

By Alanna Joyner / March 24, 2020

Over 30 North Carolina organizations are calling for the suspension of all utility shut-offs across the state during the coronavirus outbreak. In a letter addressed to the NC Utilities Commission, Governor Roy Cooper and key officials, the groups are urging for an immediate suspension of service disconnections and late payment fees for customers.  The letter…

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Senate passes ‘Families First Coronavirus Response Act’

By Alanna Joyner / March 23, 2020

A second coronavirus emergency aid package came into law last week, named the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. The latest package includes a federal emergency paid-leave benefits program, free COVID-19 testing for the public and expanded unemployment benefits. The first emergency bill allocated over $8 billion for coronavirus prevention, preparation, and response efforts across the…

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Making sure rural gets counted — Census 2020

By Alanna Joyner / March 12, 2020

Between March 12 to 20, you will be invited to participate in the 2020 Census. With over 80 rural counties out of the total 100 counties in North Carolina, the census will be an important moment, as vital resources and programs will be decided for the next decade. Active participation in the 2020 Census will…

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North Carolina lawsuit claims absentee vote changes went too far and is unconstitutional

By Alanna Joyner / March 6, 2020

On Wednesday, Lawyers for Advance Carolina sued the state, in an effort to overturn absentee ballot security measures that the state General Assembly passed last year in the wake of major election fraud. The Senate Bill 683, passed by the General Assembly, contained numerous election measures as a response to the election fraud in the…

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WRAL: North Carolina Facebook page is ‘disinformation campaign,’ experts say

By Alanna Joyner / February 18, 2020

According to media experts, a Facebook page, called “North Carolina Breaking News”, that reportedly shares breaking news, is a hub for misinformation. The page includes racially insensitive terms towards minorities, and numerous instances of incorrect information in which news stories from other states are rewritten to have occurred in North Carolina. With over 50,000 followers,…

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NC voter ID law put on hold as more gerrymandering evidence comes to light

By Eleanore Wood / January 7, 2020

NC voter ID law put on hold as more gerrymandering evidence comes to light  North Carolina’s voter ID law is temporarily on hold after a federal court ruling. This comes as new files have been released showing more details on NC Republicans’ plan to rig elections and undermine the will of voters. Last week’s ruling…

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2020 legislative maps finalized, congressional maps still up in the air

By Eleanore Wood / November 19, 2019

Could it be? Is our long statewide nightmare over gerrymandered political maps finally over? Well… not quite yet. The 2020 legislative maps appear to be final after the State Supreme Court declined last week to take up yet another legal challenge. However, we’re still waiting to find out whether the newly-passed congressional maps will pass a court…

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The News & Observer: At morning-after protest, Rep. Butler talks about her ‘meltdown’ on the House floor

By Eleanore Wood / September 13, 2019

North Carolina Representative Deb Butler, a Democrat, talks about her ‘meltdown’ on the NC House floor, when she shouted “I will not yield” at Republican Speaker Moore. Butler spoke at a rally outside of the Legislature Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019.

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