Winston-Salem Journal: Duke Energy is seeking rate hike costing the average residential customer $97 per year. Here’s how you can weigh in

By Eleanore Wood / January 27, 2020 /

Duke Energy is asking the N.C. Utilities Commission to raise electricity rates on its customers by an average of $8 / month for residents or almost $100 / year to pay for coal ash clean-up. The N.C. The Utilities Commission will hold public hearings in Alamance County on Wednesday and Charlotte on Thursday to take…

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The News & Observer 01/14 Letters: Deployment to Middle East will hurt NC towns, families, the economy

By Eleanore Wood / January 15, 2020 /

The idea that wars are always good for the economy is simply not true. It is likely that the emotional and economic impact of a war with Iran would be a heavy one, not unlike North Carolina’s experience during previous wars in the middle east. Our state simply can not afford another endless war. From…

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Settlement forces Duke Energy to clean up coal ash ponds — but who will pay for it?

By Eleanore Wood / January 9, 2020 /

After years of Duke Energy trying to shirk its responsibility to clean up its coal ash ponds, a new settlement means the energy giant will finally have to clean up these polluted ponds which have leaked countless tons of toxic chemicals into North Carolina waterways. From WRAL: Frank Holleman, senior attorney for the Southern Environmental…

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This Labor Day, workers are realizing our own value

By Eleanore Wood / September 13, 2019 /

What does victory look like for the labor movement? Our movement will rise when we stop defining victory as not losing—and most of all when more workers realize our own value and the power of solidarity.  This Labor Day, workers are winning. Momentum is building. The balance of power is shifting. Across the country, working people are…

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Legislature’s budget — More comfort for the comfortable

By Eleanore Wood / June 1, 2017 /

The GOP-controlled House revealed their budget plan and it’s exactly what we expected: tax cuts for big corporations and underfunding education. The plan includes The House boasts about adding a small amount of money to NC scholarships, however, they are not providing adequate funding for our public schools and universities. Not only are they not providing…

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