Charlotte Observer: NC conservative activist Flip Benham arrested for communicating threats

Flip Benham has harassed and threatened those at A Preferred Woman’s Health Center on Latrobe Drive in Charlotte day after day. He has led anti-abortion protests outside of the city on many occasions. Saturday, he threatened a clinic volunteer and was subsequently arrested. Prior to this arrest at A Preferred Woman’s Health Center he had a protective order against him warning him to stay away from a clinic volunteer.

From The Charlotte Observer:

He was famously escorted from a Mecklenburg County School Board meeting in January, for charging at board members, shouting and pointing at them in a threatening manor.

The nonprofit group Progress NC sent out a statement Saturday reporting Benham was arrested outside A Preferred Women’s Health Center, “despite a protective order warning him to stay away from a clinic volunteer.”

“We have long warned the city that the tactics employed by Benham and his crew escalate,” said a statement from Calla Hales, clinic administrator. “We were relieved when police issued the protective order. I wish I could say I was surprised when he disregarded the order and came back to my clinic today. My volunteers and I are scared…I am imploring the city of Charlotte to do something about the violent behavior in front of my clinic.”

Last month, Benham was escorted by guards from a school board meeting, during a debate over whether the district should adopt a revised multicultural policy that would expand to include sexual orientation and gender identity. The school board voted 7-2 to support the policy change, outraging conservatives who insist the change is “social engineering” that usurps the role of parents in teaching religious and moral values.

Eleanore Wood

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