Democracy advocates force changes in voter ID bill

Last week, democracy advocates including Progress NC, the NC NAACP, Democracy NC, and NC Voters for Clean Elections held a day of action demanding that lawmakers not disenfranchise college students and other groups with their flawed new voter ID bill. Thankfully several of these demands were met, but the new bill still desperately misses the point.

  • This bill is a rush job. The issue is complex and deserves time and consideration. When the voters of North Carolina approved this amendment, they trusted our lawmakers to give the issue its due time and thought.
  • The draft voter ID bill was written by politicians already ousted by voters. These politicians are accountable to no one. They have already lost their jobs. They have no reason to listen to constituents or consider the best interests of voters.
  • Voting should be secure, simple, and easy for North Carolinians. Time must be given to hearing all perspectives, not just those who stand to benefit from a power grab.
  • Time and time again, this illegitimately-elected legislature has forced through anti-democratic bills that end up in costly court cases. These bills are consistently overturned. It’s time to slow down and consider the cost.

Voters approved the voter ID amendment, but they did not approve of legislators grabbing power by forcing through poorly thought out legislation. Every voter in North Carolina deserves a voice, and it is our legislature’s most sacred duty to ensure that happens.

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Eleanore Wood

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