Voters of NC – Andrea & Michaela

Voters at NC Central University polling place during early voting on Oct. 30, 2020

Andrea Henderson and Michaela Williams, both 18


College students, First time voters

I feel like it’s very important to vote. If you don’t vote it’s like you don’t care how you live. It’s a very important year because of the pandemic and all the racial stuff that’s been going on. I feel like it’s very important to vote because we have the right. As women, as black people, we didn’t always have the right.  – Andrea Henderson 

I don’t know a lot about politics, but what I’ve seen is – we just need a change. And it’s not about making America great again. It’s just about helping each other. America is already great. We’re all human and we have to help each other.  – Michaela Williams 

Photo by Briana Brough

Eleanore Wood

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