Voters of NC – Heidi & Adnane

Heidi Eddraze and Adnane Ouled

College Students

Durham, NC

I felt more confident going inside a building to vote when the president wasn’t the president yet, I felt safer to be honest. With everything going on right now, I didn’t feel as safe going in to vote with all the racism going on and wearing a hijab. I felt like I was going to be attacked.  I had a good experience once I got inside, everyone was welcoming and nice and very helpful. – Heidi Eddraze

I’m hoping that we get someone in office who is for the community. I want more unity, that’s really what I’m hoping for. Just more unity,less racism. And that’s really what I want. I just want more world peace. – Adnane Ouled

Photo by Cornell Watson

Eleanore Wood

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