Voters of NC – Jennifer

Jennifer Melos, 23

Siler City, NC 

I actually voted by mail two weeks ago, but it never showed up so that’s why I’m here. I mailed it and I’ve been getting calls and it seems that it never arrived. When I realized it wasn’t accepted, that’s when I quickly got my stuff and came down. It’s important. If my vote didn’t count I would see it as a betrayal to my people.

I’m voting for my people. Latinos deserve more. We work – a lot. I guess we are seen as less. I dream big, but there have been times when I was treated as less because I’m female, because I’m latina, for career goals that I had. My goal was always to be a successful business entrepreneur. Where I used to work at, they just saw me as less. I’m voting for my Latina community, but also for women’s rights as well. 

Photo by Briana Brough

Eleanore Wood

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