Voters of NC – Katelynn

Katelynn Mundell, 21

Pembroke, NC

I am a woman of alpha Sigma alpha on UNC Pembroke campus. And I voted democratic today. I was expecting it to be a line and have people bothering me, like the bigger cities. It was really smooth. We went in and got out within like 10, 15 minutes. 

I really feel like votes count and like, I think that this turnout this year has been way more than anyone expected. I do believe in defunding the police and reappropriating funds. I definitely believe in refunding education instead of defunding it. Really just overall like the demilitarization of things. I think that there’s a lot of violence that goes on that just doesn’t need to happen. Police police brutality is a really big issue in America and systemic oppression today still happens. 

Photo by Michele Jesus

Eleanore Wood

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