Voters of NC – Tara

Tara Fikes, 59


It means everything to have Kamala Harris running for vice president. She just epitomizes what the sisterhood is all about. Leadership. Service. She’s the perfect role model. It means everything. So we pull out the pearls, we get the t-shirt, we wear it proudly when we come and vote. I registered to vote shortly after I turned 18. I can count on one hand the number of elections I’ve missed. Looking back at history, too many of our ancestors sacrificed so much for us to have the right to vote. Why would I squander the opportunity? The least  I can do is exercise my right. I’m a local government junkie so I understand the importance of down-ballot races. It’s important to me to vote the entire ballot – it’s true that all politics are local. I don’t miss my opportunity to vote. 

Photo by Briana Brough

Eleanore Wood

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