News & Observer: A third of female undergraduate UNC students reported sexual assault, survey found

By Eleanore Wood / October 13, 2019 /

A new study has found that nearly half of women who have been studying at UNC-Chapel Hill for four or more years say they have been sexually assaulted that is at a four-year level or higher. This survey also stated that more than a third of all female undergraduate UNC students reported being sexually assaulted as well.…

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Teacher iPads shrouded in controversy finally delivered.

By Eleanore Wood / October 1, 2019 /

The office of Superintendent Mark Johnson says 3,200 iPads, some collecting dust in a Raleigh textbook warehouse for the past year, have finally – FINALLY – been delivered to educators around the state. Johnson, never missing a photo-op, has been posing with teachers across the state delivering iPads to schools in yet another act of self-promotion.…

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The Herald Sun: We’re getting what we pay for with NC schools, and that’s not good

By Eleanore Wood / September 13, 2019 /

When adjusted for inflation and enrollment, North Carolina’s classrooms are being funded 40% less than they were 10 years ago. Our teachers are not paid at the national average and our school support staff is not making a living wage. It’s time that our lawmakers put the needs of our students above tax cuts for…

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Here’s why the May 1 teacher walkout is so critical

By Eleanore Wood / April 12, 2019 /

The politicians in Raleigh have done almost nothing to reverse the long-term cuts to our public schools that are making it harder and harder to give our students the quality education they deserve. Instead of reinvesting in public education, lawmakers would rather give huge tax breaks to millionaires and big corporations. Educators have had enough.…

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Winston Salem Journal: Our view: Our teachers deserve help

By Eleanore Wood / May 17, 2018 /

North Carolinians support their teachers.  Teachers in our state are working in crumbling buildings, with no supplies, for low pay.  Many teachers work multiple jobs to make ends meet.  Republicans want us to believe that they have fixed the problem, but according to our teachers, the problems have only gotten worse.  The people of this…

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The Winston-Salem Journal: Stand with the teachers

By Eleanore Wood / May 15, 2018 /

On May 16th thousands of educators across North Carolina will be heading to Raleigh to confront lawmakers and demand more funding for our schools.  Teachers in North Carolina make $9,600 less than the national average.  Many teachers work multiple jobs to make ends meet.  Classroom funding has been cut in half over the last 10…

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The Greensboro News & Record: N.C. public school workers have little to fear and everything to gain

By Eleanore Wood / April 17, 2018 /

When adjusted for inflation, educators in North Carolina are making 12% less than they were in 1999.  Their classroom budgets have been cut in half over the last 10 years.  They continue to be asked to move mountains without being given the resources to do it.  Educators around the country are demanding that conditions be…

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From The Winston-Salem Journal: Town hall highlights concerns with education funding in N.C.

By Eleanore Wood / April 12, 2018 /

When adjusted for inflation teachers in North Carolina are making 12% less than they were in 1999.  Per pupil spending in the last ten years has been cut in half.  The expectations for teacher’s performance continues to get higher yet they are given fewer and fewer resources.  It’s time that our teachers be paid a decent…

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From The Salisbury Post: Teachers, students put civics into action

By Eleanore Wood / April 9, 2018 /

Teachers and students around the country are exercising their rights to demand action from lawmakers.  Teachers are demanding better pay and students are demanding a safer world. Together they have the potential to change education in our country to be safer and more effective.  It’s time politicians listen and represent the best interest of the people.…

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From Public Radio East: Teacher Vacancies Hard To Fill In ENC

By Eleanore Wood / April 6, 2018 /

Recent tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations led to big cuts in public school funding in North Carolina. When adjusted for inflation teachers in our state are making 12% less than they were in 1999-2000. Now teacher shortages are a problem around the state as teachers move away for higher pay or quit…

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