Human Rights

Rewire: Anti-Choice Clinics Claim Their Deceptive Business Practices Are Free Speech. Will Justice Kennedy Agree?

By Eleanore Wood / March 16, 2018 /

Next week the Supreme Court will hear a case that will determine whether fake clinics (or Crisis Pregnancy Centers) must disclose the fact they are anti-abortion. The crux of the case — National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra — is whether the state of California can require these clinics to say they don’t…

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Phoenix New Times: Latina Activist Alejandra Pablos Jailed by ICE; ‘Retaliation’ for Protest, Group Claims

By Eleanore Wood / March 7, 2018 /

Alejandra Mijente is an abortion storyteller and activist who is being detained by ICE in Arizona. Mijente is an organizer for the National Institute for Latina Health and many believe she was targeted for detention because of her activism. The xenophobic Trump administration policies are tearing families apart and ruining lives. In honor of International Women’s Day, we need to…

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NC Policy Watch: Top Democrats call on Rep. Duane Hall to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations

By Eleanore Wood / March 1, 2018 /

We must take these accusations seriously, no matter who is accused of sexual harassment. Those in power have a responsibility to wield that power responsibly. When there is a power imbalance, it creates an opportunity for sexual harassment. Our elected officials must stay hypervigilant and must treat every person they encounter with dignity. We stand with…

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Charlotte Observer: NC conservative activist Flip Benham arrested for communicating threats

By Eleanore Wood / February 26, 2018 /

Flip Benham has harassed and threatened those at A Preferred Woman’s Health Center on Latrobe Drive in Charlotte day after day. He has led anti-abortion protests outside of the city on many occasions. Saturday, he threatened a clinic volunteer and was subsequently arrested. Prior to this arrest at A Preferred Woman’s Health Center he had…

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Patheos: Oklahoma Lawmaker: Men Must Approve Abortion; Women Are ‘Hosts’

By Eleanore Wood / February 20, 2018 /

Oklahoma lawmakers have introduced legislation that would require those seeking abortion care to get a written consent from their partner. One Republican lawmaker defended this ridiculous bill by stating that women are mere hosts and that pregnant bodies are not their own. This is absolutely ridiculous — it is simply yet another law meant to…

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Gizmodo: How Google Maps Leads Women Seeking Abortions Astray

By Eleanore Wood / February 16, 2018 /

Crisis Pregnancy Centers pop up when you ask Google where you can receive abortion care. While there are nearly 3,000 CPCs in America and only 800 abortion clinics, this is absurd. Women seeking abortion care via Google should not have to worry about being led astray to a Crisis Pregnancy Center. This is yet another…

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Cosmopolitan: Planned Parenthood Will Launch 10 New Video Chat Abortion Locations in 2018

By Eleanore Wood / February 7, 2018 /

The abortion pill is typically administered by an in-person abortion care doctor, however, telemedicine allows abortion care doctors to video chat with one seeking abortion care. This means abortion care doctors are able to assess patients via video and prescribe them the abortion pill from long distances. 90% of counties in the United States do…

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Bustle: Senate Blocks 20-Week Abortion Ban, But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Guard Down Just Yet

By Eleanore Wood / February 2, 2018 /

The Senate voted on a 20-week abortion ban Monday and voted against this ban. We must continue to fight for abortion rights despite this win. Abortion is safe, even after 20 weeks. Those who need it, know why they need it and should be trusted to make this decision. Doctors and patients should be the…

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Flip Benham aggressively gets in the faces of CMS board

By Eleanore Wood / January 26, 2018 /

On Tuesday, January 24 the Charlotte Mecklenburg school board held a hearing to expand support for LGBT students. During this hearing, Rev. Flip Benham lost control and openly objected to expanding support for LGBT students. He went so far as to get up out of his seat screaming and approaching the board members. Law enforcement…

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Rewire: Amid Threats to ‘Roe,’ State Lawmakers Push to Protect Access to Abortion Care

By Eleanore Wood / January 24, 2018 /

Monday, January 22 was the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the court case that decided people would have access to the abortion care they need. While there has been significant progress in much of the United States, North Carolinians have even fewer rights today than they did on January 22, 1973. In North Carolina Medicaid cannot pay…

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