Voters of NC – Jerome

Jerome Brown

Raleigh, NC

Jerome Brown is the chairman of the Wake County Voter Education. They’re a grassroots organization involved in local politics in Wake County. The organization has been in business since 1972. 

“We have been here for the full 17 days of early voting and today. We want to finish that out so hopefully today will be a stronger, a strong showing of people coming out finishing what started 17 days ago. And so far the traffic is starting to pick up again today. 17 days was fantastic seeing people coming out. So we just want to finish strong and send the message that we do still control our destiny. We have the power of the vote and people are exercising it.  Bottom line is we need a change in administration. We’ve seen the last four years. It has not worked and we’re not willing to gamble on another four. So I’m hoping that voters will indicate that by the end of tonight.

Photo by Cornell Watson

Eleanore Wood

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