Voters of NC – Mahawa & Kadeem

Mahawa Sannoh and Kadeem Richards, both 19 and 28

Fayetteville, NC 

I’m 19 years old. I am in the United States army. I am originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa, and I’m happy to vote. It’s actually my first time officially voting. It was a very unique experience to deal with COVID going on around, but I’m actually happy that I came out to vote. 

  • Mahawa Sannoh 

Today I kind of felt not obligated, but I felt it was my right. I had to exercise that. So it felt good to do it. I mean, it’s always important to exercise your right to vote, to make sure that you are heard as a person. Like she said earlier, you may not feel like your vote matters as one person, but we actually are a collective and we’re more than just one person, the bigger picture as we all have to come together. So we all get what we want out of life. 

  • Kadeem Richards

Photo by Michele Jesus

Eleanore Wood

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