Voters of NC – Matt

Matt Radford, 32

Video game developer

Raleigh, NC

It felt important. It felt necessary. I mean, I woke up at 7:30 AM, I got out of bed, and I was really excited. And, you know, you only do this once every four years. And this one, this one’s big, there’s a lot at stake. We’re all wearing masks, the president seemed racist, and its a crazy time. There’s some crazy  going on. So, it was really important to come out here. What’s cool is it was empty. It feels like everyone came out as soon as possible. I was expecting big lines and that’s why I got up so early, but it’s been really easy and simple and chill.  When asked about his experience voting Matt said, “It was beautiful! It was democracy in action. 

Photo by Cornell Watson 

Eleanore Wood

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