Voters of NC – Bruno & Tim

Bruno Pavone and Tim Hicks

Pittsboro, NC

Volunteering as poll protectors with CWA Local 3611

In the Union, we keep organizing and mobilizing. A union is only as strong as the people involved. We mobilize to get together to offer support for the people and for our cause. As I got more involved, I realized there was no getting around it. And I hate politics, but it’s all politics. We need a leader that will embrace the common man and embrace equal social rights. They’re doing their best to separate poor and rich. Billionaires have gotten richer in the last six months, and there’s a reason for that. 

  • Bruno Pavone

The election is always going to be important to me. It’s your right. This is what a lot of people fought for, died for, to make sure everyone had the right to vote. And I’m here now just to make sure everyone has their voice heard. We’re all through NC right now. There’s a lot of things we’re fighting for right now. Your health care. Equality. There’s a lot of things we’re fighting for.

  • Tim Hicks

Photo by Briana Brough

Eleanore Wood

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