Voters of NC – Tia

Tia Powell

Morrisville, NC

“I thought about the first time I voted.  I believe that’s when Obama was running for president. I was on campus at school and it was a monumental occasion for it to be my first time voting and first time there was an African-American president to vote for. So I felt like my voice would be heard and be included today. It feels almost the same I would say. I look back over the last four years and it’s just been a lot of challenges. I’ve seen a division in the country that we hadn’t experienced before and that I haven’t been so exposed to in my lifetime to say the least. So I think that I wanted to make sure my vote got counted. My voice gets heard in my direct areas too, not just on a national level, but on a county level as well.”

Photo by Cornell Watson

Eleanore Wood

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