Voters of NC – Bryant

Bryant Parroquin, 23

Pittsboro, NC

Where is this country heading? You see the news and it seems like everyone is preparing for the worst no matter what happens. In my community, immigration is always important. It’s very stressful seeing everything that goes on as far as families being split apart and things like that. I have close friends, families, that have lived through those situations. I want to elect policymakers tht share my values and vote for people who will benefit my community. 

I voted on the second day of early voting. I took my little sister – gave her the whole rundown. I told her, “do your research, know who you’re going to vote for, what they stand for. Make sure your ballot is counted” It was her first time. I know when I walked in there I was a little confused the first time. 

Photo by Briana Brough

Eleanore Wood

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