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NCHN: COVID-19 accentuates barriers for the deaf and hard of hearing

By Alanna Joyner / April 6, 2020

In the midst of a public health crisis, various communities are being heavily impacted and the necessity to provide vital information for everyone as society consistently changes due to COVID-19, is important.  But that lifesaving information can be lost in translation or limited for those within the deaf community. In a state that has almost…

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“Shelter in place” is impossible if there’s no guaranteed housing for thousands

By Alanna Joyner / April 2, 2020

Pivotal measures such as self-distancing and social-isolation have been mandated across the United States in an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous states have implemented “stay-at-home” orders, but what if individuals do not have homes to go to? According to a 2018 report by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, on a…

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Need food during your coronavirus quarantine? NC farmers want to provide it.

By Alanna Joyner / March 18, 2020

North Carolina farmers in several counties across the state are providing communities with access to fresh produce in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. With over 230 farmers markets and roadside stands in North Carolina, residents will be able to get local fresh food in their communities, rather than at grocery stores.  From North Carolina…

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NC Policy Watch: Reproductive freedom is in the cross-hairs this week at the Supreme Court

By Alanna Joyner / March 3, 2020

Wednesday will be an important day for reproductive rights, as the Supreme Court hears its first abortion case with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the court.  Trump’s two handpicked nominees will be deciding on the state of Louisiana’s case, June Medical Services v. Russo, which has the potential to shape abortion access in Louisiana and perhaps…

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ICE raids increase in North Carolina as Trump weaponizes the DOJ

By Alanna Joyner / March 3, 2020

North Carolina communities are taking a stance against Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement increased presence and arrests. Since January, ICE has targeted immigrants in12 counties across the state. ICE agents detained 32 people, 16 in Raleigh, prompting city leaders and immigrants to speak out against their increased actions. Yet, efforts to resist ICE enforcement actions…

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N.C. immigrants, allies vow to resist ramped-up ICE enforcement actions

By Alanna Joyner / February 28, 2020

Increased ICE enforcement actions across 12 counties in North Carolina, are causing concerns for many communities. Since January, ICE agents have detained over 32 people in 10 counties, including 16 in Raleigh recently. In response, community members, immigrants and allies, are vowing to protect their families and neighbors as Trump’s ICE agents continue to invade…

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UNC-Chapel Hill faculty petition to end moratorium on renaming university buildings

By Alanna Joyner / February 4, 2020

On Monday, a group of prominent UNC-Chapel Hill professors delivered a petition to the new UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz, petitioning to end the moratorium. UNC professors are asking the UNC Board of Trustees to allow the university to rename buildings and historical places on campus — particularly those tied to a racist or white supremacist history.…

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King’s words ring true today

By Eleanore Wood / January 20, 2020

In the days leading up to Martin Luther King Day – the Raleigh News & Observer republished this editorial which was one of the newspaper’s most shared pieces in 2018 and again in 2019. It’s a reminder that the civil rights icon was not as appreciated during his lifetime as he should have been or as he is today.…

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WRAL: ‘Silent Sam’ deal cost UNC-CH a $1.5M grant from major foundation donor

By Eleanore Wood / January 16, 2020

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is one of the largest charitable foundations in the world and they are in the final stages of withdrawing their grant after finding out the UNC Board of Governors agreed to a settlement giving the Sons of Confederate Veterans the monument and $2.5 million to maintain it. The Andrew W.…

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WRAL: EDUCATION Student newspaper says secret negotiations leading to ‘Silent Sam’ deal broke NC law

By Eleanore Wood / January 10, 2020

 UNC-Chapel Hill’s Daily Tar Heel student newspaper has sued the UNC Board of Governors over the Silent Sam bribe. The lawsuit alleges that the BOG violated the North Carolina Open Meetings Law by making secret deals with the white supremacist group behind closed doors without any public acknowledgment. From WRAL: The BOG should be reprimanded…

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